Jade Anderson, Queen Bee and Giftologist of Bumble Bee Baskets had a vision to create gifts that are useful, practical, and filled with delicious items consumers could actually enjoy. To present a gift that no one wants to open because the presentation is so ‘wow’, while supporting local businesses and their products. 

Bumble Bee Baskets is Calgary’s Unique Gift Giving Experience. We offer a wide selection of gifts and gift baskets that accommodate to corporate, personal, and promotional gift giving. We are all about the experience, providing convenience, personal services, while using quality items. We ship across Canada and provide a same day delivery service within Calgary and surrounding areas. Bumble Bee Baskets allows individuals to select or create that perfect gift for a memorable experience. We thrive on people feeling gratitude, excitement, showing compassion for each other. Every gift has a story based around people doing something good for someone else.

People feel good sending a gift to someone, from sending a thank you gift for a referral, or to the new home gift that has a bit of customization with puppy treats for the new family’s fur babies. People want to be heard, they want to know they are not just a transaction in business, and they want to feel appreciated from friends, family, and work. So, when it comes to a special occasion or milestone like a birthday or a new baby, and they receive a gift that has something specific to what they love, or an extra item for the older sibling, they spread that gratitude around. As cheesy as that sounds, the world could use more acts of gratitude in giving and receiving and that is exactly what Bumble Bee Baskets is helping individuals with.   

Bumble Bee Baskets provides a different approach to take the gifting experience to a new level. We make it simple for customers to have limitless possibilities. They can add flowers, wine, chocolate, gift cards, and so on. Customers can upgrade to larger versions, custom to dietary restrictions like gluten free, keto, and age appropriate gifts. Our website provides so many options to let our customers be in control of what they are sending including our build a basket feature that is still new. This feature allows customers to hand pick, or click, every item that goes into creating the perfect gift for whomever is receiving it.

We also put many details into the experience including hand made bows. We don’t cheap out on the finishing touches. Presentation is a must! We custom our wrapping to the gift, personal or corporate. Nothing is pre made to grab off the self. We build to order and each beautiful bow and wrap is crisp and new with vibrate or corporate colors. The experience is to wow, and that’s exactly what we do.

Jade Anderson - Queen Bee at Bumble Bee Baskets

Jade Anderson




IT’S Thoughtful.

IT’S Bumble Bee Baskets.

A Love for local

Bumble Bee Baskets is a huge advocate for local business. We believe that our communities have the best of the best to offer us. That’s why we strive to use products sourced from local companies, so you get amazing, time-tested, local products in your basket whenever possible. Not only are the products local, but the packaging is too. Give a gift with local love, give a Bumble Bee Basket


We encourage our customers to pick-up their baskets when they can, so they can get involved in the Okotoks Small Business Co-op. There are so many amazing hidden gems to behold in your local business community, and they always need your support. See why we love and support our small business co-op by picking up your basket and exploring the amazing small businesses that are here.

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Business Success Program

Bumble Bee Baskets’ Business Success Program works one-on-one with your business to build a culture of gift giving, and we help you put the cherry on top of your events with stunning raffle baskets.

Handcrafted gift baskets are a great way to welcome a customer, close on a big client, or celebrate an achievement. Not sure what kind of gifts you need? No problem! Work with one of our business success managers and gift designers, and make a basket with the lucky recipient in mind.

Java, Wine, and Chocolate

Charities WE Support

Bumble Bee Baskets is committed to donating a portion of our time and funds to charity organizations that inspire and transform people’s lives. We encourage you to join us in donating to these amazing organizations with local and global impact.

The International Canada’s Because I Am A Girl project focuses on transforming power relations to provide girls in the poorest regions of the world with access to their rights, including a quality education.

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Believe in the Gold is a Calgary local charity that raises awareness and advocates for support for children suffering from cancer.